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Below are samples of writing work I’ve done for clients. In some cases I just wrote the copy, in others I also did the graphic design or distribution via email software or website CMS. For work experience, check out my profile on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sarakorn

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Website Copy for Blackwell Realty

Blackwell Realty home pageThis isn’t your typical real estate brokerage, and the client needed copy written in a voice that captures the unique culture of the company and how they do business differently.


(This project was created through a marketing agency that outsources some of their writing work to me.)

Email Campaign for Maui Mastermind

Maui Mastermind logoThis is the first in a series of five emails promoting a free resource that serves as a lead generator. This email in particular resulted in nearly 100 new leads.

(This project was created through a marketing agency that outsources some of their writing work to me.)

Download (PDF, 620KB)

Brand Essence Flyer for American Precious Metals

APM_finalwfolder-webThis client wanted a printed piece they could hand out to potential customers that captured the essence of how their company was unique and why prospects should do business with them. I did both the copy and the design/layout.

Download (PDF, 755KB)

Flyers & Brochures for PM Propel & Hypur

For these projects I wrote the copy and passed it along to the companies’ graphic designers for layout.

One-page flyer

Download (PDF, 810KB)

Double-sided flyer

Download (PDF, 517KB)

Bi-fold brochure

Download (PDF, 336KB)

Square multi-page booklet

Download (PDF, 6.38MB)

Crystal-Clear Messaging & Website Copy for Clarisse Color Creations

Trevortni about page - afterClare came to me because she needed help putting some zing into her promotional materials. As an image consultant with 25 years experience, she knew that the services she offers are top-notch and that she gets amazing results for her clients.

And yet, she became aware that the content on her website and sales flyer didn’t reflect the full value and quality of her services. So she hired me to create her crystal-clear messaging blueprint – a 4-page document that contains all the essential points and wording to use throughout her marketing materials. We then used this to create her new website copy.

Article & Email Newsletter Copy for The Rich Dad Company

During my time at the Rich Dad Company I wrote the monthly email newsletters and wrote articles featuring community members who were putting into practice the principles taught at Rich Dad.

‘Real Journeys’ Feature – Rhonda Hitchcock

Download (PDF, 78KB)

Monthly Email Newsletter

Download (PDF, 107KB)

MLFTC logo

News Articles for ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

While filling in for friends – a writer and project manager – who were out on maternity leave, I wrote these articles featuring an ASU alum and groundbreaking programs at the Teachers College.

Zak Ringelstein ’10: Teacherpreneur

ASU programs help teachers develop next generation of engaged citizens

Blogging and Magazine Article for Centralized Vision

CV LogoI wrote short news-story style weekly blogs for this security company and posted the blogs to all their social media accounts.

Cops nab copper thief, thanks to CV monitoring

Extend the life of your monitoring equipment

Keep your eye on the ball

HOAmagazineCoverOn one occasion, the client had an opportunity to contribute an article to a magazine they were advertising in, and I ghost wrote this article to show how their service was especially beneficial to the audience of HOA board members.

Download (PDF, 237KB)

Blogging for NAWBO Phoenix

nawbophx-logoIn my former role as Blog Manager of the Communications Committee for the NAWBO Phoenix chapter, I was responsible for the chapter blog, including gathering content from other contributors, as well as a few original posts:

Fashionable AND Functional: Budding Business Owner Sets the Bar Higher for Handbags

Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Business

A Second Chance at Valuable Social Media Info

Success Stories for the Thunderbird School of Global Management

The first five stories on this page were written by me: http://www.thunderbird.edu/employer-relations/cmc-success-stories

PDFs of the first two stories:
Annirban Mukherjii: The Roller Coaster to Success

Download (PDF, 110KB)

Julie-Elizabeth Banner: Relationship-building Leads to Position with Dream Company

Download (PDF, 105KB)

Website Copy for Global Environmental Consulting

GEC home pageThis client in a small niche industry needed copy for their new website that showcased their expert knowledge, connection to current trends, and long-standing history in the industry.


(This project was created through a marketing agency that outsources some of their writing work to me.)

Email Campaign for The Purse Process

Purse Process logoDanielle asked me to create an email campaign that spoke to her target audience on an emotional level, addressing their concerns and desires while highlighting her core service and how it works.

Download (PDF, 450KB)

Guest Blog Posts

I also share my expertise as a freelance copywriter through guest blog posts on other companies’ websites.

10 Things to Do Before You Start Writing that Viral Blog Post: A Pre-Writing Checklist

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