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Creativity Notebook entry #5 – Creativity Permission Slip

This final notebook entry for Elizabeth Gilbert’s class, the Creativity Permission Slip, is meant to serve as a public commitment to pursuing my creative goals.

First, who I am…

I am a story creator. I am a writer. Often those two overlap, yet they are separate skills, and I commit to honing them both with every new project. And… they are also more than just skills. To be a story creator means that I embrace a certain responsibility to dive well beyond the surface, to find the story under the story, the story that most needs to be told and heard. To be a writer means not only writing things down, but finding the best way to communicate an idea in a given context, to listen, to know what to say, how much to say, and when to be silent. Being a writer and a story creator means bringing forth the narrative that others want to hear and want to tell, but aren’t able to.

Second, I give myself permission…

I give myself permission to dive deep into my unconscious to bring forth gems, even the ones that need polishing. Especially those.

I give myself permission to pursue my first “real” novel/screenplay with both high hopes and no expectations, allowing my story to be what it needs and wants to be.

I give myself permission to feel whatever I feel, without judgment.

I give myself permission to give away my love freely and keep my power all to myself, instead of the other way around.

I give myself permission to be my most amazing, authentic, powerful, kind, funny, magical version of myself – in broad daylight for all to see.

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