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Creativity Notebook entry #4 – Trickster vs Martyr

This is my notebook entry for lesson 4, where we are prompted to reflect on how we’re being a martyr and how we can shift that to trickster energy. Here’s a post on what martyrdom looks like in daily life, and this post talks about the trickster approach to art (and life) as opposed to […]

Creativity Notebook entry #3 – Purpose Map

This is my notebook entry for lesson 3 – My purpose map. Click on the image to make it bigger so it can be read.             And here’s a list of specific questions I wrote out recently, before taking this class.

Creativity Notebook entry #2 – Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, Vocations

Writing Prompts and Answers 1. What activities do you currently participate in on a daily basis? Try to itemize what you do on both the typical week day and the typical weekend day. Job work Freelance work Volunteer work (NAWBO) Make meals Grocery shopping Household shopping Laundry Tidying house Watch TV/movies Read books – fiction […]

Creativity Notebook entry #1 – Curiosity Cat Scan

I am taking Elizabeth Gilbert’s online Creativity Workshop. The implementation part of the workshop involves reflecting in a creativity notebook that we share with others. I chose to share my notebook on my blog. This is my response to the first writing prompt. I encourage you to join me in the class here, it is […]