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How long should your blog post be?

I’ve heard recently that the current trend in blogging is moving away from short posts (200-500 words) and going towards long posts (1000+ words). Does this mean that you now have to write long, in-depth posts? Not necessarily. A blog post should be as long as it needs to be to deliver great value – […]

Two types of risk-taking

Type 1 – I’m going to take this risk because good is the enemy of great, and I choose great. This is inspired risk. Dangerous, but for a great cause, something important that you aspire to. Type 2 – I’m going to take this risk because I’m desperate to get out of this toxic situation. […]

How to profit from your hard work when you’re not yet getting impressive results

Dreaming big is such fun. Even more fun: Starting off on your journey to accomplish said big dream. Then the novelty wears off, you realize just what a huge project you’ve gotten yourself into, and perhaps most discouraging off all is the fact that you’re such a long ways from your goal and don’t have […]

Curated post: 58 Tips for Transforming Your Blog and Dazzling Your Readers

Hope you had a relaxing Labor Day weekend! Or at least got a lot accomplished 🙂 I used the day off to revisit my blog strategy, and I realized a few things: My most popular posts (and my favorites to write) are where I share lessons I’ve learned in business and how you can benefit […]