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Tale of a mid-blog crisis {The secret to getting the attention you deserve}

Have you ever experienced this situation? You’re going along, doing what you’re supposed to be doing, but something just feels… off? You’re not sure why, can’t put your finger on it, but as time goes on, the little feeling grows bigger and bigger until you finally can’t ignore it any longer? I encountered this experience […]

When is the best time to post to your blog?

Today I asked myself: Is Monday really the best day to post to my blog? I originally chose to post on Monday mornings because data shows that is when blogs get the most traffic and comments. But I have personally found Mondays to be a difficult day to post, just because of how my schedule […]

How to write a blog people actually want to read

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was that I needed to write my blog post today. My second thought was that I didn’t want to write my blog post. I knew that this was a bad sign, because if I’m bored writing it, my audience will be bored reading it. But it’s […]