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Do you really need to use Twitter for your business?

A fellow business owner asked me, “Do I really need to use Twitter? How important is Twitter to my business?” She’s not the first person to ask me this question, and in fact I’ve wondered it myself. Let’s face it — we’re really busy and we have plenty of other things to be doing. It […]

Do you really need a newsletter for your business?

An email newsletter is one of those things that it seems like every reputable business has. When I re-launched my blog last month, I just took it for granted that I should also have a monthly newsletter. Then the end of the month came up fast and I was up to my neck in other […]

How to increase relevant leads for your business (saving you time and money)

This past week I discovered one critical question that is essential to identifying leads that are most likely to convert into customers. Once it was revealed to me, I was shocked it hadn’t occurred to me sooner. Then I thought, “I’m probably not the only business owner this has happened to.” So I’m taking a […]

Do you really need a blog (And how much should you invest in it?)

Last week I shared my frustrations with trying to keep up with the plethora of content marketing strategies available, and vowed to help you determine which strategies you should focus on in your business… and which ones you can ignore for now. This week we’ll kick things off by addressing the question of whether or […]