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Embracing the Minimalist Approach to Content Marketing

Admit it – you loathe blogging. You get irritated at the mere thought of having to stop what you’re doing, figure out what to write about, then tortuously churn out a piece of writing that you suspect very few people are going to read anyway. You’re sick of it before you’ve even started. You are […]

The critical mistake that plagues new and experienced bloggers alike

You sit down at your computer, enthusiastic about writing your next blog post, because you know it will have important information that everyone should know about the type of work you do. You spend hours writing it, tweaking it, getting it just right. Then you post it and proudly distribute the link across your social […]

Is blogging the new SEO?

I had an interesting discussion recently with a marketing expert who said that Google’s most recent algorithm updates means that SEO is no longer effective the way it used to be, and that companies are going to have to start moving the money that they have been investing in SEO over to blogging because these […]

The difference between social media and in-person networking [Infographic]

  No, there’s not a copy and paste error in the infographic. They are supposed to be the same on both sides. Why? Because, fundamentally, there’s no difference between networking in person and networking on social media. All the same social rules apply. Only the venue and its related technology are different. You know how […]

The costly mistake that almost killed my business – and how you can avoid it

This month I’m celebrating my first year in business as a freelance writer! I consider this a big accomplishment since many new businesses don’t make it past the one-year milestone – and mine was almost one of them. The best of intentions It started out well enough. I had some money in savings that I […]