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How to Stay Motivated in the Face of Reality

A while ago I promised my two boys, Alex and Darin, that I would write them a story. Yesterday I decided that I want to do more than just write I story. I want to make it a “wow” project – an amazing story that my kids would love and want to share with their […]

Your Greatest Strength… And Your Greatest Weakness

In the previous post I asked you to think about your greatest strength — the one that is also your greatest weakness. Why? Because this is something that is ingrained in who you are and can be a source of great power when used correctly, but can also lead to a lot of frustration in […]

What Kind of Hero Are You?

Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of hero you are? Do you even think of yourself as a hero? Or do you feel like a simple supporting character caught up in other peoples’ stories? Is the story of your life living up to your expectations? Or do you wish your life was […]